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Story of Puneet

Story of Puneet

Puneet is 19 years old boyhaving IQ near to 70 so he is border line case of Mental Retardation having IQmore than the IQ of students of Sakar Special School. His mother is vocational teacher in Sakar Special School & she knows Sheetal Sharma before start of Sakar Special School. When Puneet was small kid & doctors told her that herchild is special she brought this child to Sheetal & narrated her problem.After investigations Sheetal told her that her child was border line MR soadvised her to admit Puneet in normal school . Puneet completed his 9thclass from an english medium private school but could not clear his 10thboard exam  so Sheetal advised to givepapers through open school. Next year Puneet qualified his matriculation & got admission in Govt. ITI for handicaps in Sunder Nagar in Computer Appliances. He was declared pass with 70% marks in this computer course. Puneet can’t read & write so he is unable to use Key Board of Computer which makes him unable to work on computer . He is child having better IQ than our students of Sakar but after having government certified computer certificate he isunable to earn his livelihood. His mother Smt Jamna Devi requested Sheetal toadjust this child in Sakar & Sheetal gave this child employment in smallsheltered workshop ( Sakar Shoppee) where he is helping  cook with two other children of Sakar.

Sakar Shoppee is smallsheltered workshop where three special children are rehabilitated if thissheltered workshop grew than one day it will be possible to rehabilitate aconsiderable number of such children in future.

Comparision of SakarSpecial School with Special Schools in Delhi

Special Schools in Delhiget assembling work from different factories . In Delhi factories producedifferent parts & special children if taught same work with repititionsthey do it with perfection. This assembling work strengthen vocational wing ofspecial schools & not only the special children are rehabilitated butspecial schools also get benefitted.

Many special school arerunning without any government aid as parents of special children are capableto pay handsome fees to these special schools. There are many special schoolsin Delhi running successfully.

If we compare Sakar withthese schools then find that it is tough to run special school in our areawhere such facilities are not available & parents  are not capable to pay fees of their specialchildren.