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What You Should Know About Intellectual Disability

What You Should Know About Intellectual Disability

Symptoms of ID will vary based on your child’s level of disability and may include:

  • failure to meet intellectual milestones
  • sitting, crawling, or walking later than other children
  • problems learning to talk or trouble speaking clearly
  • memory problems
  • inability to understand the consequences of actions
  • inability to think logically
  • childish behavior inconsistent with the child’s age
  • lack of curiosity
  • learning difficulties
  • IQ below 70
  • inability to lead a fully independent life due to challenges communicating, taking care of themselves, or interacting with others

If your child has ID, they may experience some of the following behavioral issues:

  • aggression
  • dependency
  • withdrawal from social activities
  • attention-seeking behavior
  • depression during adolescent and teen years
  • lack of impulse control
  • passivity
  • tendency toward self-injury
  • stubbornness
  • low self-esteem
  • low tolerance for frustration
  • psychotic disorders
  • difficulty paying attention

Some people with ID may also have specific physical characteristics. These can include having a short stature or facial abnormalities.